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T&G Western Red Cedar Deal - 2212 SQFT

OUR Mistake is YOUR Opportunity!

1x6 Tongue & Groove WRC Cedar Wholesale Deal

NEAR Clear WRC - Factory Pre-stained 1x6 Tongue & Groove - just milled!

We accidently milled and factory PRE-Stained 2212 SQFT of 1x6" Tongue&Groove NEAR CLEAR #2&BTR western red cedar when the order required CLEAR AYE&BTR.
"NEAR CLEAR" is our Buffalo Grade description for B&BTR, #2&BTR, and D&BTR Mill Grades that are one off clear grade. Near Clear has very few, very small knots and a median price point for the "Knot so fond".
In Buffalo Lumber Layman Terms - If we were talking about a 1x8" board 12' long, the #2&BTR Grade milled for this order allows no more than 3 knots per board no bigger than a quarter most much smaller. and many of the boards will be CLEAR with no knots. The end result should be a proportional mix of boards with NO Knots, One Knot, and 2-3 Knots.
After milling inspection 30% of our Near Clear 1x6" T&G siding order has NO Knots, 35% has one small Knot, 35% has 2-3 small Knots. If you are looking for CLEAR Cedar but can live with or work around small knots - this NEAR CLEAR may be the deal for you! Grab it while it lasts!

Wholesale Lumber Prices

Factory PRE-Stained 4 sides

OUR Mistake is YOUR Opportunity!

Factory PRE-Stained 4 sides with Duckback 1911 "CedarTone Natural" Semi-Transparent - a Low VOC exterior wood preservative stain.
This HOT DEAL PRICE is .40 per square foot less than the mill to order pricing. Basically you are getting the stain for free. Located in Tennessee near Nashville - first $500 of shipping is free. This one time deal will not Last long!

2212 SQFT MIN Order

1x6" T&G - PRE-Stained 2212 SQFT $6.29 SQFT 5,308 LFT$2.62 LFT

KILN DRIED #2&BTR Graded Rough Face
1x6" Tongue & Groove 5" Exposed Face (installed)
2 UNITS: 8/6’, 8/8’, 69/10’, 115/12’, 45/14’, 156/16’

Check your SQFT to LFT coverage

FIRST $500 of shipping included
2 UNITS Ready to GO!


T&G RED Cedar Siding - NEAR Clear Grade

1x8 CHANNEL LAP - unit being inspected
1x8 CHANNEL LAP - unit being inspected

We have inspected all boards - 30% of the wood has NO Knots
35% has one small Knot, 35% has 2-3 small Knots

1x8 CHANNEL LAP - unit being inspected
1x8 CHANNEL LAP - unit being inspected

2 units - one 12' and one 16' long
Final Tally 8/6’, 8/8’, 69/10’, 115/12’, 45/14’, 156/16’


Square Foot Coverage by Pattern

Your volume - the square feet (SQFT) or Linear Feet (LFT) - you need to buy is calculated by multiplying the square foot area by a "factor" which is calculated from the "exposed" width of your size and specific pattern. "Exposed face" is the part of the siding still visible after the board is installed.

A) Calculate the square footage in walls: length x height = SQFT
B) Calculate, and then subtract, the square footage of openings
C) Add at least 10% to cover trim and waste (suggest 20% ugrade)
D) Multiply the result by the factor for lineal feet

* Lineal Foot Factor is derived by dividing 12” by the exposed face

Example: If you are siding six walls 8 feet high by 40 feet long with 1x6" T&G boards and we allow 10% of the total square feet for openings, you would need approximately 3100 linear feet:

6 * 8 * 40 = 1920 SQ FT - 192 (10% openings) + 346 (20% trim/waste) = 2074 SQFT * 2.40 linear factor = 4978 LFT

1x6" T&G Siding Coverage
Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 3/8"5"2.40
* assuming 3/8" board overlap







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OUR Partners are cool and interesting Companies and Products we believe in enough to share with OUR customers.


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The first thing that struck me about the Fanelli House was the WOW factor. I had been on several customer tours this trip and had seen some nice houses and good ideas but this was different. Set on the water this house has the WOW factor in spades ...
Home with NEAR CLEAR Redwood  Siding
Home with NEAR CLEAR Redwood "B" Siding

Craftsman - CEDAR SIDING

The Look - the clear cedar blends together gently - there are no seams. Dennis took the natural varying shades of cedar wood into consideration when installing each board to create a flow of hues ...
Home with CLEAR Western Red Cedar Siding
T&G CLEAR Western Red Cedar Siding Home


Kelly’s story starts with "Something’s Gotta Give". She loved the layout of the home in that film and had always wanted to build a forever home but wanted a rustic more comfortable farmhouse look...
Rustic & Beautiful Farmhouse Style Family Home with Painted T&G Wood Paneling
Painted T&G Wood Paneling "Rustic And Elegant"


Designer Melody Jackson contacted us to source redwood lumber and soffit for her customer Dale Torok's Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. inspired stunning addition to his home in Lexington, Kentucky ...
Home with Redwood Lumber, Trim and Ceilings
Redwood Lumber wrapped Lexington KY Home


The Design - it started out as a horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment built on the 2nd floor. Edwin had been planning to build new when a friend said "you could renovate this barn into something pretty nice if you wanted" ...
Home with Dutch Lap STK Red Cedar Siding
Home with Dutch Lap STK Red Cedar Siding


Ed Rock is a shrewd businessman and keen negotiator. He knew the value of his dollar and he used it well. He has 7,412 SQFT Heated + 4592 SQFT Covered Porch = 12,004 SQFT under roof. He did the whole building for a total cost of $267,744 ...
Pre-finished 2x8 Pine Log Siding Home
Pre-finished 2x8" Pine Log Siding Home


The Home Owner had originally decided to go with sheet rock on the interior but after doing the research online decided on wood paneling. He found us on the internet and began looking through the wood paneling and wood siding products we showcase ...
Pre-finished UV Knotty Pine Paneling Home
Pre-finished UV Knotty Pine Paneling Home


Krystal and Chad of Upper State New York. One day while driving through their neighborhood they saw one of our customers who had purchased "Hewn Log Siding" which is a textured look designed to look more like real logs. The minute they saw it they KNEW ...
HEWN Pine Log Siding Home
HEWN Pine Log Siding & Corners Home


When it was time to select the interior paneling Krystal said they wanted something that looked really old and Rustic. This is going to be their "forever" home so they wanted to make sure they got what they wanted... Pre-finished UV Blue Stain Knotty Pine Paneling Home
Blue Stain Wood Knotty Pine Paneling Home


Brant called me one day with some questions. He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain. No wonder - it was old growth vertical grain ...
CLear All Heart (CAH) Redwood Siding Home
CLEAR ALL HEART (CAH) Redwood Siding Home


Brian in Missouri was our 1st U-Grade cedar log siding customer. Our DISCOUNT log siding is for the rustic customer looking for the cheapest way to cover their home or cabin with cedar log siding and still have something very nice to show for their money and effort. ...
Discount Cedar Log Siding Home
DISCOUNT Cedar Log Siding Home pre-finished

"I can't afford the home I want"

"We lost over 50% of our retirement fund in the last 3 years". I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left. Here is what they did ...
Custom Wood Siding Homes - ON a BUDGET! Custom Wood Siding Homes - ON a BUDGET!

"I just need a paint grade wood"

People always say it like that means some less expensive lower grade of wood is fine because they are going to be painting the wood. That is absolutely NOT the case ...
Wood Siding - paint grade cedar fj
PAINTING Wood Siding - Not All Grades make the PAINT Grade