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Tongue & Groove Siding

tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge T&G Siding - WRC Clear Grade Stained
tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge T&G Pine Paneling - STK UV Finish


T&G Wood Siding is a best seller because of its versatility. It can be used indoors or outdoors, rough side or smooth side, installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, to provide distinctly different looks. Tongue & groove siding has both a rough and smooth face and is normally graded to the rough face (the best visible face) unless requested otherwise for a higher price.

Tongue & Groove Patterns (T&G) have the greatest variation in profile - the outline or shape of the board. How distinct or shadowed the line between the boards appears after installation depends on the shape of the edge. Most TNG patterns are "beveled" on the edges - called a V Edge (as in diagram below). The depth and angle of the beveling determines how distinct the edges appear.

A wider 1x8" pattern can be selected to have a V-Groove in the center of the board. This gives the illusion of a narrower board (1x4") when installed but with the time savings of a wider board (1x8"). Patterns without any V Edge are referred to as Flush-Joint (cedar, pine) or Butt-Joint (redwood). Center-Matched means the Tongue is positioned exactly in the middle of the thickness.

T&G is best milled when fully seasoned - Kiln Dried or Air Dried to the optimal moisture content. Select Tight Knotty grades are popular for their warm, rustic look. Tongue & groove siding is also milled in CLEAR grades, with NO or or very few knots, adding a more formal, streamlined appearance.

Redwood Siding Tongue & Groove Pattern Redwood Siding Tongue & Groove Pattern
Cedar Tongue & Groove Unit of Siding Cedar Tongue & Groove Unit of Siding


T&G Patterns

There are 4 main T&G pattern profiles
1. T&G Pattern: V2E - 2 Beveled Edges (one face use)
V2E Tongue and Groove Pattern

2. T&G Pattern: V4E - 4 Beveled Edges (reversible)
V4E Tongue and Groove Pattern

3. T&G Pattern: V2E Center V - 2 Beveled Edges with Center V Groove
V2E Center V Tongue and Groove Pattern

4. T&G Pattern: Flush Joint (cedar) / Butt Joint (redwood)
sometimes erroneously called Center Match
Flush Joint Butt Joint Tongue and Groove Pattern


Tongue & Groove TRUE Measure

You might be wondering why our Buffalo diagrams above have letters - A, B, C - instead of actual measurements. That is because siding measurements can vary from mill to mill and lumber yard to lumber yard. Using letters allows us to confirm the TRUE dimensions with the mill before we sell to our customers.
NOMINAL SIZES are for identification only. Even though a pattern is called 1x6" or 1x8" that does not mean it measures 1 inch thick and 6 or 8 inches wide. Nominal 1x6, 1x8 refers to the size before the pattern profile is milled and NOT the board's final finished or "dressed" dimensions.
A 1" NOMINAL is usually 11/16ths inch thick. A 6" NOMINAL T&G pattern is usually 5 3/8 - 5 1/2" wide including the overlap which results in 4 7/8 - 5 1/8 inches of exposed face depending on tongue depth. An 8" NOMINAL T&G pattern is usually 7 1/8 - 7 1/4" wide including the overlap which results in 6 5/8 - 6 7/8 inches of exposed face depending on the tongue depth. This is called the pattern's "exposure" - the visible part of the board when installed on your wall.
The Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) and California Redwood Association (CRA) diagrams below are industry pattern standards and display actual numbers but they are guidelines not milling requirements. Over the years milled dimensions have shrunk (and continue to do so). Once you have calculated your project's SQUARE FOOT area you need to get the true dimensions - especially the exposure - of the wood siding boards you are buying.
Read our T&G coverage SQFT to LFT Coverage and "Buyer Beware" warning   to make sure you ask the right questions BEFORE you BUY.

T&G Pattern: Flush Joint Installed T&G Pattern: Flush Joint - WR Cedar CVG Installed
T&G Pattern: Beveled V2E - WR Cedar STK Installed T&G Pattern: Beveled V2E - WR Cedar STK Installed


END-MATCHED Tongue and Groove (below) is NOT a siding standard. It is a special option of interior paneling that makes installation easier when spanning wall studs or ceiling beams. The T&G Ends can be beveled as shown in the pictures or flush joint.

End-Matched Pine Paneling Tongue & Groove Pattern End-Matched Pine Paneling T&G Pattern
End-Matched Pine Paneling Tongue & Groove Pattern - Installed End-Matched Pine Paneling T&G Pattern - Installed


WWPA T&G Siding and Paneling Pattern Diagrams

Helpful Pattern Glossary
(1) WWPA T&G SIDING 106 S2S Drop Edge+Square Edge
WWPA - T&G 106 S2S Drop Edge+SQ Edge PATTERN

(2) WWPA T&G SIDING 116 CENTER V S2S Bevel Edge
WWPA - T&G 116 CV S2S Bevel Edge PATTERN

(3) WWPA T&G SIDING CENTER MATCH Butt Joint 1/4" Tongue
WWPA - T&G CM Rough Butt Joint 1-4 TNG PATTERN

(4) WWPA T&G SIDING CENTER MATCH Butt Joint 3/8" Tongue
WWPA - T&G CM Rough Butt Joint 3-8 TNG PATTERN

WWPA - T&G CM Smooth Butt Joint 1-4 TNG PATTERN

(6) WWPA T&G SIDING CENTER MATCH Smooth CM Butt Joint 3/8" TNG
WWPA - T&G CM Smooth Butt Joint 3-8 TNG PATTERN

WWPA - T&G WP-2 Molded Edge+V Edge S2S-CM PATTERN

(8) WWPA T&G SIDING WP-4 V2E or V4E.gif

(9) WWPA T&G PANELING WP-6 Rounded Edge
WWPA - T&G WP-6 Rounded Edge PATTERN


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tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge T&G V2E Paneling (Red Cedar STK with UV Finish)
tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge Diagonal Tongue and Groove Installation


Redwood T&G Siding and Paneling Pattern Diagrams

Helpful WWPA Pattern Glossary
(1) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 204-206 5-8-inch V1S-S2S 3-32-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 204-206

(2) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 709-713 1-inch V1S-S2S 1-4-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 709-713

(3) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 707-716 1-inch V1S-S2S 3-32-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 707-716

(4) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 709-713R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-4-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 709-713R

(5) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 707-716R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 3-32-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 707-716R

(6) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 732-734R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-4-V
Redwood T&G Patterns 732-734R

(7) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 726-728R 1-inch V2S-S1S-Saw-1S 1-8-V
Redwood T&G Pattern 726-728R

(8) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 632-634 1-inch S2S-CM
Redwood T&G Pattern 632-634

(9) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 632-634EE 1-inch EE S2S-CM
Redwood T&G Patterns 632-634EE

(10) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 616-617 1-inch V&CV-S2S 1-4-V
Redwood T&G T&G Patterns 616-617

(11) REDWOOD T&G Pattern 606 1-inch S2S
Redwood T&G Pattern 606

(12) REDWOOD T&G Patterns 16-18 1-inch S2S-CM paneling
Redwood T&G Patterns 16-18

T&G Pattern: Flush Joint Installed T&G Siding Pattern Incense Cedar
T&G Pattern: Beveled V2E - WR Cedar STK Installed Tongue & Groove V2E closeup



T&G patterns are often sold by the linear (or lineal) foot. To figure out how many linear feet (LFT) you need you must multiply the square foot area you plan to COVER by a linear factor based on the pattern width you have selected 6", 8", or 10". The Lineal Foot Factor is derived by dividing 12 inches by the individual pattern's "exposed" face - the width that is still visible after the siding boards are installed.

A) Calculate the square footage in walls: length x height = sq. ft.
B) Calculate, and then subtract, the square footage of openings
C) Add 10% to cover trim and waste = SQFT needed
D) Multiply SQFT result by the linear factor = LFT needed

BUYER BEWARE WARNING: The actual "dressed" widths and "Exposed Face" measurements below are based on WWPA industry standards. HOWEVER individual mills often have their own pattern standards which vary from the norm (usually smaller). When you get ready to buy be sure to ASK for the exposed width to make sure you are buying enough to complete the job!

T&G Cedar Siding Coverage
Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 1/2"5"2.4
8"7 1/8"6 3/4"1.78
10"9 1/8"8 3/4"1.37
* assuming 3/8" board overlap

1x6" Pattern Coverage Example: If you are siding four walls 8 feet high by 40 feet long with 6" wide Tongue & Groove boards and we allow 10% of the total square feet for openings, you would need approximately 3000-3100 linear feet:

SQFT AREA: 4 * 8 * 40 = 1280 SQ FT - 128 (10% openings) + 115 (10% trim/waste) = 1267 SQ FT

6" T&G Pattern: 1267 SQ FT * 2.4 linear factor = 3041 LFT

1x8 T&G Pine Paneling STK UV Finish 1x8" T&G Pine Paneling STK UV Finish
tongue and groove pine paneling Tongue and Groove V2E Pine Paneling


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BEFORE we can give you a Ball Park Price we will need to know the approximate square feet required and the ship to location (city, state, zip). This information is used to make sure everyone who makes an appointment receives the advice and customer service we have promised. Your information will not be shared or sold.

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tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge Tongue & Groove Pine Ceiling STK
tongue and groove siding T&G Pattern: Beveled Edge T&G Siding - Incense Cedar STK stained



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Pattern Glossary

  BEV   Beveled
  BEV   SDG Beveled siding
  BS   Both sides
  CB   Center Beaded
  CB1S   Center bead one side
  CB2S   Center bead two sides
  CG   Center groove
  CG2E   Center groove two edges
  CLG   Ceiling
  CM   Center matched
  CS   Caulking seam
  CSG   Casing
  CV   Center Vee
  CV1S   Center vee one side
  CV2S   Center vee two sides
  D2S   Dressed two sides
  D4S   Dressed four sides
  DB   CLG Double-beaded ceiling
  DB   PART Double-beaded partition
  DBL   T&G Double tongued & grooved
  D&CM   Dressed & center matched
  DKG   Decking
  D/S,DS   Drop Siding
  D   S/L Double shiplap
  DVJM   Double vee-jointed matching
  D&M   Dressed and matched
  E   Edge
  EB1S   Edge bead one side
  EB2S   Edge bead two sides
  E&CB2S   Edge & center bead two sides
  EV1S   Edge vee one side
  EV2S   Edge vee two sides
  E&CV1S   Edge & center vee one side
  E&CV2S   Edge & center vee two sides
  EE   Eased Edges
  EG   Edge (vertical) grain
  EM   End matched
  EV   Edge vee
  FE   Feathered edge
  FG   Flat (slash) grain
  FLG   Flooring
  F&G   Feathered & grooved
  G1E   Grooved one edge
  HB   Hollow back
  MG   Mixed Grain
  N   Nosed
  N1E   Nosed one edge
  N2E   Nosed two edges
  OS   One side
  PAT   Pattern
  P1E   Planed one edge
  P2E   Planed two edges
  P1S   Planed one side
  P2S   Planed two sides
  P4S   Planed four sides
  P1S1E   Planed one side one edge
  P2S1E   Planed two sides one edge
  P1S2E   Planed one side two edges
  PAR   Planed all 'round
  PART   Partition
  PE   Planed edge
  PPE   Planed plain edge
  PSE   Planed square edge
  PSJ   Planed and square jointed
  PTG   Planed tongued and grooved
  R&B   Rabbet & bead
  R/F   Resawn/Rough Face
  Rabbeted   Bevel siding with rabbet (notched cut) on bottom edge
  S   Side, Surfaced
  SB1S   Single bead one side
  SDG   Siding
  SG   Slash (flat) grain
  S/L,   or SL Shiplap
  SQ   Square
  STPG   Stepping
  S&E   Side & edge (surfaced on)
  S1E   Surfaced one edge
  S2E   Surfaced two edges
  S1S   Surfaced one side
  S2S   Surfaced two sides
  S4S   Surfaced four sides
  S1S&CM   Surfaced one side & center matched
  S2S&CM   Surfaced two sides & center matched
  S4S&CS   Surfaced four sides & caulking seam
  S1S1E   Surfaced one side one edge
  S1S2E   Surfaced one side two edges
  S2S1E   Surfaced two sides one edge
  S4SEE   Surfaced four sides eased edges
  T&G   Tongued and grooved
  TG&B   Tongued, grooved, and beaded
  TG&V   Tongued, grooved, and vee-jointed
  T1E   Tongued one edge
  UE   Unedged
  V2E   Beveled V on two Edges
  V4E   Beveled V on four Edges
  VG   Vertical grain
  VJM   Vee-joint matching


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