Finding the Right wood is a love affair... Getting the Wrong wood is a nightmare!
Itís not just how great it will Look,
Itís making sure the Wood Species, Grade, Size, Pattern and Finish match your taste and budget

You will Look at it every Day
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Siding Patterns

TONGUE & GROOVE  T&G Siding is versatile. You can use it indoors or outdoors, rough side or smooth side, installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, to provide distinctly different looks. The board edges are usually "beveled" but other styles that include flush-jointed, reveal and radius joints are also available. T&G siding has both a rough and smooth face and is graded to the rough face.


SHIP LAP  Shiplap Siding is a type of Drop Lap siding with tight joints similar to tongue and groove, but instead of a fitted groove it overlaps the next board usually by 1/2" to 3/4" . If you decide to install Shiplap siding vertically be sure to bevel cut the ends so water is directed to the outside.


BEVEL  Bevel siding is lumber board resawn at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other with a thick butt and a thin upper edge lapped to shed water. This pattern is special mill cut that allows the siding panels to fit together in such a way as to protect joints from water infiltration. It installs easily and gives an attractive shadow line.


CHANNEL LAP  Channel Rustic Siding has 1/2Ē overlap and a 1Ē to 1 1/4" reveal that creates a channel effect between boards. Channel Siding allows maximum dimensional wood change (breathing) in climates of highly variable moisture levels between seasons - without adversely affecting the appearance. Usually available smooth, rough or saw textured.


DUTCH LAP  is also know as Cove Lap and German Lap Siding. Lap sidings were among the earliest types of finish siding. With lap siding, the profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it. In vertical applications, bevel cut the ends and install the lap siding so water is directed to the outside.


Log Cabin Siding  Log Cabin siding allows you to integrate the rustic charm of a log home with conventional frame construction. It looks exactly like a log but requires 75% less wood. The overlap ensures tight insulation against weather and eliminates the need for chinking between logs. The "reveal" pattern creates an attractive recessed effect between logs where you have a choice to create a chink effect with caulking if desired - but not required.

tongue and groove siding pattern lap siding pattern bevel siding thick butt rabbeted pattern channel lap siding pattern cove lap siding pattern log cabin Siding pattern

t&g siding pattern

T&G - Redwood Siding

bevel siding

Bevel Rabbeted - Cedar Siding

channel lap

Channel Lap - Cedar Siding

Lap siding

Dutch * German * Cove Lap - Cedar Siding

log siding

Log with Reveal- Cedar Siding

shiplap siding

Ship Lap - Cedar Siding

All WWPA Cedar patterns and CRA Redwood Patterns
are available and can be quoted upon request.
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Siding/Paneling Coverage

Wood paneling is sold by the linear (or lineal) foot. Your quantity requirements are calculated by multiplying your square foot area by a linear factor based on the siding width. The Lineal Foot Factor is derived by dividing 12 inches by the individual pattern's exposed face.

A) Calculate the square footage in walls: length x height = sq. ft.
B) Calculate, and then subtract, the square footage of openings
C) Add 10% to cover trim and waste
D) Multiply the result by the factor for lineal feet

T&G Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 7/16"5 1/16"2.37
8"7 1/8"6 3/4"1.78
10"9 1/8"8 3/4"1.37
* assuming 3/8" board overlap

Shiplap Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 1/2"5"2.4
8"7 1/4"6 3/4"1.78
10"9 1/4"8 3/4"1.37
* assuming 1/2" overlap

Bevel Thin Butt Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
4"3 1/2"2 1/2"4.80
5"4 1/2"3 1/2"3.43
6"5 1/2"4 1/2"2.67
* assuming 1" overlap

Bevel Thick Butt Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 1/2"4 1/2"2.67
8"7 1/4"6 1/4"1.92
10"9 1/4"8 1/4"1.45
* assuming 1" overlap

Dolly Varden Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 1/2"5"2.40
8"7 1/4"6 3/4"1.77
10"9 1/4"8 3/4"1.37
* assuming 3/8" overlap, allow 1/8" gap

Channel Rustic Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 3/8"4 7/8"2.47
8"7 1/8"6 5/8"1.81
10"9 1/8"8 5/8"1.39
* assuming 1/2" overlap

Dutch Lap Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear Ft Factor*
6"5 3/8"5"2.40
8"7 1/8"6 3/4"1.77
10"9 1/8"8 3/4"1.37
* assuming 3/8" overlap

QTR Log Siding Coverage

Nominal WidthDressed WidthExposed FaceLinear FT Factor*
6"5-7/16"4 15/16"2.43
8"7-1/8"6 5/8"1.81
10"9-1/8"8 5/8"1.39

* assuming 1/2" overlap

* Lineal Foot Factor is derived by dividing 12Ē by the exposed face

Coverage Example: If you are siding four walls 8 feet high by 40 feet long with 8" wide siding and we allow 10% of the total square feet for openings, you would need approximately 2250-2450 linear feet depending on pattern selected:

SQFT AREA: 4 * 8 * 40 = 1280 SQ FT - 128 (10% openings) + 115 (10% trim/waste) = 1267 SQ FT

T&G: 1267 SQ FT * 1.78 linear factor = 2255.3 LFT

SHIPLAP: 1267 SQ FT * 1.78 linear factor = 2255.3 LFT

THIN BEVEL: not available in 1x8"

THICK BEVEL: 1267 SQ FT * 1.92 linear factor = 2432.6 LFT

DOLLY VARDEN: 1267 SQ FT * 1.77 linear factor = 2242.6 LFT

CHANNEL RUSTIC: 1267 SQ FT * 1.81 linear factor = 2293.3 LFT

DUTCH LAP: 1267 SQ FT * 1.77 linear factor = 2242.6 LFT

QTR LOG: 1267 SQ FT * 1.81 linear factor = 2293.3 LFT

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When it was time to select the interior paneling Krystal said they wanted something that looked really old and Rustic. This is going to be their "forever" home so they wanted to make sure they got what they wanted... Pre-finished UV Blue Stain Knotty Pine Paneling Home
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Brant called me one day with some questions. He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain. No wonder - it was old growth vertical grain ...
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CLEAR ALL HEART (CAH) Redwood Siding Home


Brian in Missouri was our 1st U-Grade cedar log siding customer. Our DISCOUNT log siding is for the rustic customer looking for the cheapest way to cover their home or cabin with cedar log siding and still have something very nice to show for their money and effort. ...
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"I can't afford the home I want"

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PAINTING Wood Siding - Not All Grades make the PAINT Grade

Buffalo Lumber Company, Inc., Lumber - Retail, Woodbury, TN       BBB Rating  A+



National Shipping and Delivery


Each delivery is quoted individually after the products have been selected. We carry products from suppliers located all across the country. Each delivery will be calculated based on location of customer, location of product manufacturer and weight of total shipment.
Mill Direct to You. We arrange 3rd Party freight - brokered straight from mill to customer. This requires our customers to have enough room to fit a semi truck into and out of the delivery area and on larger orders to provide a forklift to unload at job site. The average order to door time frame is 3 - 5 weeks.

First Buffalo Lumber Company Truck LOADED TO GO!


International Shipping and Delivery

Container loading available!

Buffalo Lumber offers full 20 and 40 foot container quotes internationally. Europe, Asia, Africa - anywhere a container will go we can get it there. At this time Buffalo Lumber can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers, smaller shipments would be customer arranged.


Delivery to and around the following US Cities and Zips:

Boston Massachusetts 02108 Nashville Tennessee 37204 Houston Texas 77004
Pawtucket Rhode Island 02860 Knoxville Tennessee 37914 Galveston Texas 77550
Nashua New Hampshire 03060 Memphis Tennessee 38131 Laredo Texas 78046
Concord New Hampshire 03301 Jackson Mississippi 39201 San Antonio Texas 78204
Portland Maine 04101 Louisville Kentucky 40202 Corpus Christie Texas 78401
Bar Harbor Maine 04609 Lancaster Ohio 43130 Austin Texas 78704
Burlington Vermont 05401 Columbus Ohio 43229 Amarillo Texas 79101
Hartford Connecticut 06101 Cleveland Ohio 44101 Lubbuck Texas 79406
New Milford Connecticut 06776 Cincinnati Ohio 45204 El Paso Texas 79821
Mt. Laurel New Jersey 08054 Dayton Ohio 45401 Denver Colorado 80012
New Egypt New Jersey 08533 Indianapolis Indiana 46201 Boulder Colorado 80301
New York New York 10004 Oak Park Michigan 48237 Erie Colorado 80514
Syracuse New York 13201 Detroit Michigan 48242 Fort Collins Colorado 80525
Buffalo New York 14204 Grand Rapids Michigan 49506 Colorado Springs Colorado 80904
New York New York 14280 Des Moines Iowa 50301 Ft Carson Colorado 80913
Rochester New York 14604 Milwaukee Wisconsin 53204 Durango Colorado 81301
Pittsburg Pennsylvania 15122 Madison Wisconsin 53562 Grand Junction Colorado 81501
Scranton Pennsylvania 18505 Minneapolis Minnesota 55401 Aspen Colorado 81611
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19104 Perham Minnesota 56573 Vail Colorado 81657
Washington District Of Columbia 20001 Rapid City South Dakota 57702 Cheyenne Wyoming 82007
Germantown Maryland 20874 Fargo North Dakota 58104 Casper Wyoming 82609
Annapolis Maryland 21401 Helena Montana 59601 Gillette Wyoming 82716
Alexandria Virginia 22304 Bozeman Montana 59715 Boise Idaho 83702
Richmond Virginia 23231 Chicago Illinois 60601 Tooele Utah 84074
Chesapeake Virginia 23325 Springfield Illinois 62701 Salt Lake City Utah 84101
Virginia Beach Virginia 23454 St. Louis Missouri 63101 Phoenix Arizona 85003
Charleston West Virginia 25301 Springfield Missouri 65807 Tucson Arizona 85701
Cowen West Virginia 26206 Olathe Kansas 66061 Albuquerque New Mexico 87104
Raleigh North Carolina 27604 Topeka Kansas 66603 Santa Fe New Mexico 87505
Charlotte North Carolina 28204 Wichita Kansas 67201 Las Vegas Nevada 89044
Lugoff South Carolina 29078 Omaha Nebraska 68104 Carson City Nevada 89701
Columbia South Carolina 29201 Lincoln Nebraska 68501 Los Angeles California 90001
Charleston South Carolina 29401 New Orleans Louisiana 70112 Rancho Cucamonga California 91701
Atlanta Georgia 30303 Shreveport Louisiana 71101 San Diego California 92101
Atlanta Georgia 30313 Mc Gehee Arkansas 71654 San Francisco California 94104
Jacksonville Florida 32099 Little Rock Arkansas 72201 Willits California 95490
Tallahassee Florida 32301 Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73104 Arcata, Eureka California 95521
Miami Florida 33109 Tulsa Oklahoma 74117 Sacramento California 95814
Madison Alabama 35756 Plano Texas 75024 Portland Oregon 97204
Huntsville Alabama 35801 Dallas Texas 75201 Seattle Washington 98104
Montgomery Alabama 36101 Ft Worth Texas 76109 Olympia Washington 98502

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