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Knotty Pine Paneling

Buffalo Lumber's PEACE of MIND- PINE™ PANELING is hand stained by our master craftsmen, coated with a clear polyurethane finish then hit with ultra-violet light. The result is beautiful, rich wood paneling with the natural knotty wood grain character and amber pine color - all highlighted by the UV Finish.

This finish technology requires 3 separate passes - one sand stroke and 2 coats of finish dried as it is applied with an ultra violet light. All T&G pine boards are one long length, End-Matched for easy install. The result is - What can we say, this is the coolest thing we have seen yet. Knotty Pine Paneling - Beautiful & Bright!

CLEAR or STAIN coat + 2 UV coats Delivered Mill Direct To You! Knotty Pine Paneling Prices

Knotty Pine Paneling

knotty pine paneling

FREE or VERY REDUCED Delivery to most places in the USA!

GRANDADDY BLUE STAIN PINE's distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark. In the last 10 years a large pine beetle infestation has spread rampantly forcing the cutting and processing of many trees before the mills were ready in order to limit the spread and salvage the dead trees before it was too late.

As sad as it is to see these magnificent trees taken down by beetle infestation it would be even sadder to see this incredible looking wood go to waste while live pine trees are cut down instead. Utilizing Blue Stain wood is an opportunity to create something very unique in your home and help the environment at the same time.

We have nicknamed it "GrandDaddy Pine" because the natural amber pine background with blue-grey hues and wild orange streaks make the wood look 100 years old. NOTE: The blue fungus is killed when the pine lumber is dried in kilns and does not decrease the usability of your pine wood paneling

BLUE Stain Pine - a Unique AND Environmental choice!

BLUE Stain Pine Prices

BLUE Stain Pine Wood Paneling 1

BLUE Stain Pine Paneling 1

FREE or VERY REDUCED Delivery to most places in the USA!

Painted interior wood paneling, especially shiplap, is gaining popularity in large part due to Joanna Gaines and her show "The Fixer Upper". One of the reasons shiplap boards are so popular to use as wood paneling is the rustic old world coziness they bring to the room.

After your wood paneling is custom milled to pattern we run your wood paneling through our flood coat machine. We use a bleed inhibiting primer to block the pitch bleed. The primer is applied to the face, back and side edges of all wood planks. We offer a top coat option as well which allows the homeowner to decide if they want to do a final coat in the field or leave it for a more rustic wood wall paneling look.

Painted Wood Paneling Prices

Tongue and Groove Painted wood paneling

Shiplap Style Painted wood paneling

FREE or VERY REDUCED Delivery to most places in the USA!

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