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Pine Log Siding Ranch House

pine log siding home 1
Craftsman Builders & Homeowners

The Home Owner - Ed in Florida. Ed is a shrewd businessman and keen negotiator. He knew the value of his dollar and he used it well. We were happy to oblige him.

Here are a few facts about his house-  

He has 7,412 SQFT Heated + 4592 SQFT Covered Porch = 12,004 SQFT under roof. He did the whole building for a total cost of $267,744.

Our log and paneling package was about $20,000 or so. He had 5000 SQFT in pine log siding pre-stained and 4000 SQFT T&G End-Matched Pine Paneling with Clear UV finish.

Those are some amazing numbers. He basically built a log mansion for Less than $300k in FLORIDA! Any of you log home enthusiasts out there care to speculate on the cost of a 7400 sqft floorplan? Nothing less than $1 million best case.

pine log siding home 2

The Project -

In this day of the dollar's decreasing value we have to be looking for ways to save money. Here are a few things Ed did to save money.

He used metal framing throughout the house. This whole thing is built with metal framing materials which is how he got the vast expanses of space inside.

He used Pine log Siding and Finished pine and ordered them all at once to maximize his purchase dollar and minimize his shipping costs.

He negotiated hard to get the best deal and he got a good one from us. I imagine he did that with everyone he encountered on his way to his own dream built his own way.

pine Quarter Log siding home
pine QTR Log siding home

The Design -

He kept to a simple design to minimize waste and labor.

Look at that Stone Chimney this is a really nice place. I don't know for sure but I bet he bought his metal frame and roof in the same package.

I can't find anything wrong with his logic and he probably had a good use for the $750,000 he saved.

pine log siding home 2


The Siding Species - Ponderosa Pine

The Siding Grade - #2 Mill Select Tight Knot

The Siding Pattern - 2x8" Quarter Log Siding No Reveal (chinkless) 6 3/8" Exposure - Smooth Use

The Siding Finish - Factory pre-stained all 4 sides (top, bottom and edges) a light brown color semi-transparent stain.

pine paneling T&G - 2

Interior T&G Pine Paneling - 2 Coat Clear UV Finish

The Wood Species - Ponderosa Pine

The Wood Grade - #3 Kiln Dried - Graded to the smooth side

The Paneling Pattern - 1x6" Tongue and Groove Paneling Pattern, Actual Exposure 5".

The Paneling Finish - PEACE OF MIND PINE Factory Finish - two coats of Urethane, UV dried as it's applied, Urethane on the face to give it that extra smooth finish.

pine paneling T&G - 3

The log siding and interior paneling package is a great way to achieve the look you want on a budget you can afford. If Ed had Chosen a traditional log home approach his investment would have been at least double.

In this economy that makes siding and paneling a stick built (or in this case a metal frame built) considerably more attractive than conventional log home construction.

You have to weigh how you feel about it against your feelings about all the goodies you can buy with the money you save. Sometimes that changes everything.

In this case Ed has a beautiful log retirement cabin, created the "feeling" he was after AND saved a boatload by thinking outside the box.

pine paneling T&G - 1

You can see here how he used the UV pine and painted walls together to create a certain "feeling of warmth". This blending of painted walls and pine paneling allowed him minimize the cost and accentuate the wood all at the same time.

I like the bear and the railing.

Ed has achieved something noteworthy on an honest budget.

The Letter -

Chris, I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate you and your staff in providing excellent service and a product that exceeded my expectations. As you know I can be difficult at times trying to get the absolute best price on the product that I am trying to buy. I have to say that your patience and willingness to negotiate to the final purchase price was greatly appreciated.

Your interior Pre-Finished T&G Knotty Pine is by far the best interior T&G I have ever purchased. The finish is remarkably consistent and the end match of each board truly eliminates all waste.

The exterior Quarter Pine Log Siding added the rustic touch that I was looking for. I also purchased this pre-finished because of the stain applied to not only the face, but the back of the siding as well.

I was so impressed with the log siding; I have made the decision to cover the additional buildings on the ranch with your log siding product in the near future.

This building was built for a total cost of $263,744.00

7,412sf Heated

4,592sf Covered Porch

12,004sf Under Roof

Once Again Thanks for great service and a great product!!!! 

Ed Rock
Skeeter Ranch

To me this is what is it all about- helping someone build their own little slice of heaven.

Here's to the Dream-

Chris Buffalo
Custom Craftsman Series-
Buffalo Lumber Company Inc.

pine paneling T&G - 1

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