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HEWN Pine Log Siding & Corners

HEWN pine log siding home
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2x8" HEWN Pine Log Siding - PreFinished 2 Coats - New York Home

The Home Owners - Krystal and Chad of Upper State New York. One day while driving through their neighborhood they saw one of our customers who had purchased "Hewn Log Siding" which is a textured look designed to look more like real logs. The minute they saw it they KNEW!

Chad and Krystal (like many of our customers) loved the log cabin look but not "real" log cabin pricing. They had decided to go with a stick built home with Log siding over the top but did not like any of the examples of log siding they were seeing locally.

They simply did not like the smooth log siding look as it seemed to "manufactured" for their rustic tastes. This is going to be their permanent home so they wanted to make sure they got what they wanted. Chad and Krystal both wanted an authentic look inside and out.

The Wood Species - Lodgepole Pine

The Wood Grade - Select Tight Knot (STK) #2 KD - Graded to the smooth side

The Siding Pattern - 2x8" Pine Log Siding No Reveal with a HEWN Log Texture plus matching 8x8" HEWN Log Corners - Timberline Dove Tail extensions

The Siding Finish - Factory pre-stained all 4 sides (top, bottom and edges) 2 coats of Cabot's Semi Transparent Acrylic "Sequoia" mixed at 1/2 opacity

HEWN pine log siding home

In the end they bought an entire package of external 2x8" HEWN log siding, matching 8" Dove Tail hewn log corners, interior 1x6" Blue Pine Paneling with our "Peace of Mind" UV Finish as well as Southern Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove Flooring.

The order was delivered late February and I went out to see them in early July to see how it all turned out.

They are almost finished with the installation on exterior. They have done all the work themselves with heavy lifting help from friends, family and neighbors. All that is left is some stone work and to putty the nail holes for water protection.

When Chad first called me about the hewn log siding he said he and Krystal had to have the custom "Dove Tail" corners that make it look like the logs stick out. I tried to talk him out of them because of the cost compared to standard vertical board trim and how difficult they can be to install but they insisted and I must admit they look pretty awesome.

HEWN Log Siding Dove Tail Corners diagram
HEWN Log Siding Dove Tail Corners home

Chad said they were a "real pain in the butt" to install but the project turned out fantastic. We had the log and corners stained at our finisher in MN who (in our opinion) is the best in the biz because of the pride he takes in his work.

During the sample process Chad said they liked the "Sequoia" color but it was too dense and wanted to know about Translucent stains. Our finisher said they would not provide enough protection but what he could do was mix the semi transparent color at 1/2 opacity which he did. Chad saw the samples and the color was approved.

He did two coats Cabot's acrylic stain and it looks beautiful. I love the richness of that color. It just jumps out at you.

HEWN textured log siding home

Several people came out while I was shooting and everyone marveled at their mountain retreat and the job Chad did in installing the log siding.

There is nothing like the look of pride on a homeowners face when people are oohing and aahh-ing over their home.

The hewn texturing really does add authenticity to the log look. It is pretty remarkable in person.

HEWN textured log siding home

And on the inside - Grand-daddy Blue Pine!

When it was time to select the interior paneling Krystal said they wanted something that looked really old and Rustic. The were interested in our knotty pine paneling with stain + 2 coat UV finish and I sent them a set of samples with the standard set of colors.

Then I remembered the "Blue Stain" pine we had available from another mill. When I orignally saw the blue pine I nick named it "Granddaddy Pine" because to me it looks 100 years old.

blue stain pine paneling

I sent samples and they loved the color so much they ordered the blue pine paneling finished with our 2 coat Clear Urethane for protecting and ease of cleanup. As I walked through their home I was amazed at how the hues varied with the light.

I've never seen anything like the affect of the natural amber pine colors swirling with the blues and grays.

Somewhere along the line in the early design process Chad decided he wanted to install a large tree right inside their cabin. He had already found the perfect tree and the paneling's natural blue stain matched the tree exactly. He said he could not have planned it better.

Check out their unique rustic design interior paneled with Grandaddy BLUE Pine Paneling.

HEWN textured log siding home

The Cost -

Chad told me that the he had shopped for a log kit and estimated the cost to do full log siding, interior paneling and wood flooring through a log home company would have run about $80,000.

By choosing to go with our package of 2x8" hewn log siding, custom log corners, 1x6" pine paneling and 1x8" T&G Southern Yellow Flooring interior he reduced his out of pocket to $21,000 including delivery.

Add in the additional savings in time and labor by choosing to have the log siding, corners and paneling factory pre-finished and you have a home with the look and feel of a full log home on 1/4th the budget!

pot bellied guard pig

Chad & Krystal have a beautiful 20 acre spread in the New York Countryside. Chad said Krystal's dad was a farmer so she had to have animals. Lots of em.

When I first arrived at their place I was greeted by the "watch goat". It was standing on the porch staring me down. I saw a couple pot bellied pigs running around. I snapped a picture of one of the pigs but the goat was too fast for me.

They are currently living in a mobile home on their property but hope to move in by early September. Check out the picture Krystal sent me earlier on in their project. They must have been installing log siding in between snow storms.

I always come away from these customer shoots feeling good that we had something to do with helping people achieve their dreams. Chad and Krystal's place really came together to create something special.

Their happiness and the awestruck reactions of visitors really makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be doing this for a living.

Chris Buffalo
Buffalo Lumber Company Inc.

watch goat

HEWN textured log siding home

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