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By Chris Buffalo – Owner and Co-founder of Buffalo Lumber Company Inc.

We are OPEN for business! Your #1 Wood Siding & Lumber Supplier in USA. 

All Buffalo Lumber orders are delivered MILL DIRECT to your JOB SITE. Our orders are custom milled and factory finished. All communication is handled personally - by phone and email. 

Our normal lead time from order to door is 2 - 8 weeks. 

Once your order is placed we stay in email and phone contact with you throughout the course of your order. If there are any delays you will be the first to know. We guarantee your order will be completed as ordered!

In these uncertain times we can help you plan. We will get your order in the queue so it is ready when you are. 

It all started with Elsworth “Buck” Buffaloe, my Grandfather. (There is an “E” on the end of our name which I dropped for business reasons). 

My first memory of the lumber industry was my Grandfathers retail lumberyard in Reno NV (Buffaloe Building Supply- 1970) because I got to play in sand piles and ride forklifts with the yard guys.

I was 5 years old when I loaded my first truck (my dad had me on his lap so he could work the foot pedals while I worked the forks).

I learned how to grade wood going through truckloads of reject molding and turning it into a sell-able product line.

I have splinters in my blood. 

At one time or another my dad and grandfather dragged me to every mill on the West Coast (and not always willingly).

In 2003 I started a little nickel and dime business with my dad (Dave Buffaloe). 

We bought reject wood siding from a large mill, graded it, and re-sold it through classified ads in Northern California. It was a fun little business. 

Buffalo Lumber first truck
Buffalo Lumber "The Early Days"

In 2004 before we really knew what we were doing we decided we wanted to get found on the internet for wood siding.

“Bring the buyer to the seller with that thing” my dad said as he pointed at a computer which he, himself, did not know how to use at that time. 

Enter Janylyn Marks. A tech dynamo who was doing SEO before anyone knew what it meant. A systems analyst by nature her tech background and business acumen provided an opportunity for us and we jumped on it.

We convinced her to join the team, invested into getting found on the internet and the phones lit up. From that day to this it has been non-stop.

People contact us from all over the world with questions about wood. There are a LOT of wood lovers in the world and they have a LOT of questions.

We started out doing discount cedar. From 2005 to 2008 we went from my dad’s back yard to # 585 on INC magazine's 5000 fastest growing companies in America list.

Buffalo Lumber Ranks #585 on Inc Magazine's 5000 fastest growing companies in America

We had 6 dealers across the country, trucks, trailers, equipment, the whole shebang.

I was ready to take over the world!

Then 2008 happened.

When the smoke cleared, we assessed our position, no dealers, no trucks, no yards, no inventory and no clue. We decided to quit.

My dad cried.

BUT You kept calling. 

People kept calling us the whole time. Some not ready to buy but just wanting to dream a little. Some who did want to buy but couldn’t and there were some that could. There were enough that we survived.

Janylyn oversaw the development of the website as we converted from discount cedar to the entire spectrum of wood siding products. She designed the program that we use to this day for quoting and systems.

We changed from buying truckloads and selling job lots to milling job lot quantities and shipping directly to the customer from the production plant.

It was a HUGE challenge.

In what I can only describe as “The Vulcan Mind Meld” Janylyn grilled me with questions about milling and grading and finish, all the while madly producing excel spreadsheets (which would later become our software).

With me as what they call a “Super User” we designed our software from the ground up to suit our new business model. It converts mill speak to human speak, handles the shipping, invoicing, everything. It is quite a piece of work and I am very proud to have been a part of it.

Janylyn and her partner (Larry Hollister) did an amazing job of creating it under fire. Anyone with programming background will tell you this is not the optimal way to design and write software but the result is a HELL of a program!

It allows us to speak in layman terms yet maintain pinpoint accuracy regarding milling detail.  

Her technology talents and business acumen, my wood knowledge and you guys (our customers) are what makes Buffalo Lumber tick.

We wrote the website in response to the questions we were being asked. We designed our systems to help people avoid problems. We learned about potential problems from the people calling in with their problems. 

The great thing about getting found as well as we do is that it keeps us on the cutting edge. We find out what is working and what is not by the people calling in.

That is the fun part. Our customers and all the cool and crazy things they do and want to do. We have seen and heard about thousands of interesting projects.

Now we are reaching out to as many customers as we can (which is a challenge because we have over 2000) and asking them for pictures and feedback on what they are experiencing with their wood. It has been a blast to talk to them and see the different projects.

Our purpose is to share what we learn from our customers with new customers and guide as many people as we can to long term wood project success.

Wood Dreams, that is what it’s all about.

Buffalo Lumber


Listening, Learning, Changing with our Customers

Buffalo Lumber Presents...

Exterior Wood Performance Considerations (an AIA Accredited Course)

AIA CES Continuing Education Webinar produced by Buffalo Lumber
Why present an AIA continuing education webinar about Exterior Wood Performance? Because it all starts with the Design!


Leading by Listening

Listening to Customers - Changing our Company

We went online and a new breed of customer started calling - YOU - the internet customer. Listening to you has changed our business. Listening to you has BECOME our business.

We started traditionally with truckload orders, lumber yards across the country, limited product lines. But you asked us for special patterns, beautiful woods, smaller volumes, delivery to the farthest corners.

We began to seriously listen.

Focusing, answering your questions, searching for what you really want has forced us to evolve. Move away from the traditional "If you don't see it, we don't have it" to "Let me find it for you!".

Learning by asking

Asking Your Questions - Changing an Industry

Traditionally it has been about BIG Manufacturers and BIG Retailers. Unless you were a very BIG builder, you had to be satisfied with what you found at your local lumber yard, Lowes or Home Depot.

Answering your questions, searching for what you really wanted has forced us to find manufacturers that will create to order.

These suppliers work with us, run specific sizes and patterns, expand their product lines, manage less than truck load orders. They help us bridge the gap between source and customer. The only way to bridge that gap is to truly listen to you, our customer. Understand YOUR individual project and product requirements. Then search for the best product and price match from supplier to your door.

Making the change

Managing the Supply Chain - Manufacturer to YOU

Mill Direct to You has been the biggest challenge. How to afford a semi flatbed delivery when your order only fills 10% of its load?

We changed. We bought our own Buffalo Lumber fork lift trucks, regionalized orders and managed drivers. As customers came from far and wide, answering their specific product requests in distant corners made this logistically and financially impossible.

Again we changed.

We sold the trucks and created an entire network of shipping companies that we now do business with. We developed the technology systems to connect suppliers to our customers, to manage our supply chain. To assure that your order gets to your job site when you need it.

Buffalo Lumber - Your Guide

The many ways - to help our customers

Gaining experience seeking answers to each customer's personal project needs. Learning by working through the maze of industry specific language, standards, grades and measurements has made Buffalo Lumber an Industry Expert.

We share our experience and hard-earned knowledge with our customers, advising them on their projects.

As your Customer Advocate we will tour the Industry. Find the best match for the best price. Guide your order from creation to delivery. Guarantee that your product meets your expectations. Provide the peace of mind that your project will not be delayed or derailed.

That is our edge. This is our promise. Come tour with us.


Buffalo Lumber's expertise lies in Milled to Order Redwood, Cedar and High-end Finished Pine. We work only with the best mills, the best finishers, the best transport companies that will meet the high bar we set for customer satisfaction.

Due to deep personal commitment to our customer Buffalo Lumber has purposefully limited our products to just those we can expertly sell to safeguard our customer projects.

We are slowly expanding but there are so many wonderful building products and it takes serious time to reach expert status.


The Buffalo Lumber Value Proposition

The Best Product & Price Match Delivered to Your Door!


It is the first impression everyone will have of your home. You really will look at it every day and regret or rejoice.

It starts with a desire for wood- you go out to find out what things look like and what they cost. The first thing that happens is you get frustrated and confused because it is hard to "see" anything in use and even harder to get a straight answer on what things cost.

What is a lineal foot (LFT)? What is a board foot (BFT)? How do I figure square foot (SQFT) needed? What is my bottom line cost? I need someone who really knows what they are talking about so I don't screw this up.

The Wood Experience - Our value to you is "Been there done that" thousands of times.

Made to Order - custom milled and finished wood is what we do - it's all we do! We talk to thousands of homeowners, builders and architects about this stuff and we understand the need to explain everything that might make a customer unhappy BEFORE they order to make sure they are happy AFTER they get delivery.

Our site is designed to give you the information you need to MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. We pack it full of pictures of our customer's finished projects because you need to see the wood in use to find what you like.

We publish prices so you can get a Ball Park idea of what things cost. We price by the SQUARE FOOT so you don't have to do any conversion to understand total costs.

The site is pretty big and full of information. Our sales staff are trained in how to guide you through it to make sure you clearly understand what you are getting and how much things cost.

We don't sell wood - we sell happiness on a stick!

Chris Buffalo
Buffalo Lumber Co.

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