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Summer Lovin': The Ultimate Guide to Wood Siding Maintenance

It’s summertime, y’all! The best time to get outside and soak up the fresh air and sunshine.  It’s also a great time to inspect your wood siding, give it a general cleaning, and address any wood siding maintenance issues.

In this article, you’ll discover our top summertime tips for wood siding maintenance:

  1. Cleaning your wood siding
  2. Protecting wood siding against UV rays
  3. Combating heat and humidity’s impact on wood siding
  4. Protecting wood siding from insects & pests
  5. Product recommendations to armor wood siding

Take a walk around your home and give it a good once over.  Winter can be brutal on wood siding. Residual road salt can cling to your wood. Minimal warmth and sunshine combined with moisture from melting snow and ice can leave your wood looking dull and drab, and can also cause dark mold spots to appear.

But don’t think you’re ‘out of the woods’ yet because Winter is over. Summer brings an environmental onslaught of challenges that can affect the beauty and longevity of your wood siding too!

1. Cleaning: Give Your Siding Some TLC

Wand Cleaner for Wood Siding
Wand Cleaner for Wood Siding

The summer months often bring algae, dirt, dust, and the occasional unwelcome guest—a.k.a. pesky insects. Regularly clean your wood siding to maintain its pristine condition.

A general cleaning with a diluted solution of oxygen bleach will wash away dirt, salt, algae, and air borne grime, and brighten your wood. Use an outdoor cleaning wand with a brush head for scrubbing.  Always remember to rinse the wood thoroughly after cleaning.

We don’t recommend cleaning your wood siding with a pressure washer.  If the pressure is set too high it will ruin the wood and there’s no repairing it.  At that point, it will have to be replaced. 

For a quick refresh between cleanings, a gentle spray with the garden hose can work wonders.

mold on cedar siding
Mold on Cedar Siding

You can spot clean any mold spots you find with oxalic acid. If you’re seeing a lot of dark on your wood, learn how to remove mold and prevent mold in the future.

2. Protect Against UV Rays: Shield Your Siding from the Sun's Wrath

The summer sun can be relentless, causing UV damage to your wood siding. Shield your siding by applying a protective finish or stain specifically designed to block harmful UV rays. This not only enhances the wood's natural beauty but also helps prevent discoloration and fading.

Water Beading on Cedar Wood
Water Beading on Cedar Wood
Cleaning Wood Siding
Cleaning Wood Siding

It’s the perfect time to test the finish on your siding, as well.  Is water beading up?  If it is, you still have a good moisture barrier.  If not, time to consider a deep cleaning and refinishing.

3. Combat Heat and Humidity

It’s summer and it’s time to battle Mother Nature’s challenges. Heat and humidity can pose challenges for wood siding, potentially leading to expansion, warping, or moisture-related issues. Here's how to combat those summer woes:

    • Adequate Ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation behind your siding to allow air circulation and prevent excessive moisture buildup. Consider installing vented soffits or using siding materials with built-in ventilation features.
    • Regular Inspections: Keep a keen eye on your siding, looking for any signs of damage, warping, or mold/mildew growth. Address issues promptly to prevent further complications.
    • Seal Gaps and Cracks: Check for any gaps or cracks in your siding and promptly seal them with an appropriate sealant or caulk. This prevents moisture infiltration and potential pest infestation.

4. Guard Your Siding Against Insects & Pests

Summertime can bring carpenter bees and woodpeckers to your property.  Without intervention these critters can cause damage to your wood siding that can multiply year after year. 


Carpenter Bee Siding Damage
Carpenter Bee Siding Damage

You can protect your wood siding from carpenter bees throughout the summer season.


Woodpecker Wood Siding Damage
Woodpecker Wood Siding Damage

And, there are a number of ways to minimize woodpecker damage.

5. Product Recommendations

Armor your siding with top-notch allies. To bolster your siding's defense against the summer elements, consider these recommended products:

    • Wood Siding Sealants: Look for high-quality sealants designed specifically for wood siding. These provide an additional barrier against moisture and help maintain the integrity of your siding.
    • UV-Protective Finishes and Stains: Opt for finishes and stains with proven UV-blocking properties. Choose from a range of colors and finishes that complement your desired aesthetic while keeping your wood siding shielded from the sun's wrath.
    • Professional Services: When in doubt or faced with extensive maintenance needs, don't hesitate to reach out to professional siding contractors or maintenance services. These experts can provide tailored guidance, repairs, and regular maintenance to ensure your wood siding remains in top shape throughout the summer and beyond.

Don’t forget the cardinal rule for wood siding maintenance – Don’t put off addressing those small issues now.  They are just going to be bigger issues in the future!

Get your wood siding spruced up for the season, protect your investment, and be the envy of the neighborhood all season long.

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How do you get your wood siding ready for the warm, outdoor summer season?

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