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Buffalo Lumber Company Presents Shiplap Done Right in Modern Farmhouse-Style Home

January 12th 2018: Gorgeously rustic SHIPLAP style, yet clean, tongue-and-groove wood paneling from Buffalo Lumber a specialty woods lumber company takes a Florida couple’s decade-long home project to a new level of sophisticated modern country style.

“We got very creative in helping her get the look she was after,” says Chris Buffalo of Buffalo Lumber Company.

“The tongue-and-groove pattern profile allowed her builder to hide the nail during installation which created a cleaner, wider, finished shiplap wood paneling look.”

Inspired by the movie “Something’s Gotta Give,” the couple spent eight years designing (Jeff Smith/Aude Smith Architecture) and two years building the 6,500-square-foot home and guest house (Sterling Builders). About halfway into project, the wife saw an episode of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines that inspired her to pursue a more farmhouse, lived-in look, which suited their lifestyle with two daughters and four dogs at home.

Frustrated with the local box store "junk" she was finding, the owner she turned to Buffalo Lumber, which supplied SPF lumber in a whitewood blend for the interior, porch and soffits. The change from quality drywall to wood did not add as much to cost as the owner expected, and it made a huge impact to the style and durability of the home. The end result was 9,000 square feet of primed wood paneling painted white and gray.

It also only took one coat of paint on the primed wood to get the finish the owner was after. "I was fighting with my builder. He kept trying to cover up where the knots showed through and the color showed through, but I wanted it to. So, along with the ’Fixer Upper’ shiplap look, it’s supposed to look rustic and like it’s been there forever,” she says.

Find more photos and information on how to replicate the look, including product specifications, techniques and tips at Buffalo-Lumber’s shiplap style painted paneling customer project page.

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